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I opened my life through this blog, and I thought it was a marvelous decision.

See, years back, when I decided this was the place to call home, I turned my grieve of perhaps never coming back home, into pride for the place I freely decided to call home, and love the land of whose Stars and Stripes I am so proud of.

My America!

Going through a visa process could be long, uncertain and demoralizing to many. And that’s were I was, (that story should be part of a different blog and/or perhaps a book someday).

So, I started to get involved in our community, and all I heard was that people lived here when the weather was nice, that only few lived here year round, that was great to get away and experience other places and not to be part of the grid, or the local net. In other words not get too involved locally. To quote the youngsters;

“Say what?”

See, I wanted to be part of the community, my new community, make sure that the incredible talents I found were highlighted, and place them where they should supposed to be placed, enhanced and applaud for.

This blog talks in many ways of my passion for the place I am from, the places I had to call home, my days and nights in Arizona, and all my experiences here. A place where I decided to stay to create a place I call home.

It is also a journal of those hours that I am not in the office.

This Blog post by VOYAGE magazine wanted an overall look about OSCAR and who OSCAR is.

IMG_2717-editThen, the life of my roll in my new office came to be part of the blog. My love to architecture (my trade, and a passion as well) flourished. I’ve been lucky enough that I am part of an office that looks all sides of all their talents that are part of the team.

So here I am.

The full interview is here;

Meet Oscar De las Salas of Gensler


With the idea of working hard to make things happen, our team is a solid example of giving back.

This time Thanksgiving at Saint Vincent de Paul main Dining room in downtown Phoenix. Well done team, and thank you for volunteerism!Gensler_St.VincentdePaul

Thank you GENSLER Phoenix for support and for nurturing all of the talents of a very talented team!

Always in Style,



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