“All roads lead to Rome” is a proverb of medieval origin that may refer to wherever you walk in the Roman kingdom (one of the biggest in history) you always will get to the capital, to the center, to the place where you needed to be at that point in history.

My journey in Arizona started by an act of faith, and a need to finish the subject of my thesis for my Master in Architectural Design by the University of Salamanca.

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My plan?

It was to finish it in one year, and leave. Go back to Spain where a job was waiting for me. What did I find? A fabulous group of people that open doors to a stranger and made me part of their group, part of their family and allowed me to blossom. I count not leave. There was so much to do here, there were so many opportunities, and I found an opportunity to fall in LOVE (the real world).

I made then a decision. Stay and make this place my home, and use all my talents to make place and create place. Today, twenty years later, I see Arizona as that place that stole my heart, and most of what I do, is to give THANKS to a town that allowed me to become part of them!

The fashion? well, that is part of my life, and if I am placed as a spokesperson, well so be it. The real deal, is how much I adore those that are now family, those that make a difference, those that are small businesses owners and day today make Arizona better. PAradise Valley Lifestyle

Paradise VAalley Lifestryle - 1


Do I miss home? yes, I do.

Will I ever move? I do not know, Andalusian Gipsy blood runs in my veins, and life always open new roads.

Meanwhile, as I say “Mi Casa, Su Casa”_D0A6175

Gracias to Arizona, Gracias to Paradise Valley!, ….I was looking for Paradise and I found it!

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