Save the date….June 28th/20 @ 5:00pm
As most of you know, each year I celebrate my birthday with my community – inviting them all to a night of celebration at one of our top bar/restaurants in town and asking you to buy me a drink that evening, so I am able to celebrate my birthday at the restaurant all through the year.
I am fortunate to have those whom I love with me year after year.
Well…this year is different. Our country is tearing itself apart at the seams and the forecast looks very unsettling. I do not want a big party.
It seems that distress is growing, and we all want answers from our elected officials, concrete answers, plans or perspectives of how to continue down the road in the midst of all that is happening in 2020.
Please join my husband Gary Jackson and myself again, and save the date!
A relaxed seat down conversation to talk about issues that matter to all of us.


DISCLAIMER; Valley Youth Theatre does not endorse any candidate for any political office. Contrary to statements in the posted video, the Stanton for U.S. Congress campaign paid for the rental of Valley Youth Theatre’s theater building for this event. No in-kind contribution has been made by Valley Youth Theatre to U.S. Representative Stanton’s re-election campaign. Thank you.
While as an organization we appreciate Oscar, Gary and Representative’s support, as a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation, Valley Youth Theatre is apolitical and will not, and cannot be viewed, as endorsing any political candidate, expressly or implicitly.

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