June is my Bday month and coincidentally PRIDE month, and ask my Gary


 I DO celebrate all month!

I usually celebrate my Birthday with my community at one of my favorite places in town and in a space of which I have a long design tradition .

Oh, and I like to celebrate with a BIG fun party with my friends, family, acquaintances and their friends, and those coincidentially having dinner at the restaurant.

Well, this year the party it is going to be bigger than ever, stronger than ever and one that will unite us and will include all of us.

With social distancing, and using the best technology since these are the times of COVID-19, we will have a celebration.

Inequality has raised to the highest levels in our country, tensions are high, questions are asked, answers are needed, online social media confrontations are eroding our relationships in all levels (I had a call with a girlfriend who returned her ring to her fiancee yesterday due to political disagreement), and the economy has to reactivate before we are fall into a financial depression!

My celebration this year will include all of us and we will have the opportunity to ask questions.

My Bday this year will be a TOWN HALL.

Stay tuned…Because YOU are invited!

June 28th at 5:00pm, Mark your calendar.



DISCLAIMER; Valley Youth Theatre does not endorse any candidate for any political office. Contrary to statements in the posted video, the Stanton for U.S. Congress campaign paid for the rental of Valley Youth Theatre’s theater building for this event. No in-kind contribution has been made by Valley Youth Theatre to U.S. Representative Stanton’s re-election campaign. Thank you.
While as an organization we appreciate Oscar, Gary and Representative’s support, as a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation, Valley Youth Theatre is apolitical and will not, and cannot be viewed, as endorsing any political candidate, expressly or implicitly.

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