LIVE BROADCAST – My Birthday Party

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First and foremost, thank you for tuning in!

Thank you to Valley youth Theatre and Artistic Director, Bobb Cooper and his team for hosting this LIVE broadcast at their magical downtown Theatre in downtown Phoenix. Also, a big thanks to the team of 2 SECOND MEDIA and CEO, Chris Weir for their support and willingness to help make this unique occasion possible. Thanks to my husband Gary who agreed for me to make this happen as my Birthday celebration.

I arrived in Phoenix 20-plus-years-ago with the goal of writing my thesis project about Taliesin West in order to obtain my Master of Fine Arts and then head back to Madrid, where a job with an international construction company awaited me. This was supposed to be just a stop.

Months into my days in Phoenix, I slowly created a small group of friends, so I decided to take my first step in volunteering as long as my stay in the country allowed me. Through a friend, I joined Phoenix Sister’s Cities and on my way to Hermosillo, Mexico  (one of Phoenix Sister Cities) and as part of the commission, I met an energetic Councilman recently elected to District 6. During our flight, we spoke at length about his vision for his district and the city at large. It was incredibly exciting to hear someone with a clear vision for his view of our future.

We kept in contact, and since that day, I’ve seen him conquering steps to help Phoenix to have a place where we all belong.

 I’ve supported him during his elections as a City of Phoenix Councilman, then as a Mayor to the City of Phoenix, and then his reelection as Mayor, and most recently in his run as a U.S. Congressman. Today, I am supporting his re-election as our U.S. Representative for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District.

As most of you know, each year I celebrate my birthday with my community – inviting them all to a night of celebration at one of my favorite spots in town! I am fortunate to have those whom I love with me during my birthday celebrations. Well…this year is different. I do not want presents nor I do I want celebrations. 

Our country is tearing itself apart at the seams and the forecast seems very unsettling. It seems that distress is growing, and we all want answers from our elected officials, concrete answers, plans or perspectives of how to continue down the road in the midst of all that is happening in 2020. 

I am inviting YOU to join me for the next hour to a one-on-one constructive, optimistic and positive Fundraiser/Conversation with D-9 U.S. Congressman Greg Stanton.

My only request for my birthday is for you to donate whatever you think it was your present for me… and direct the funds to Congressman Stanton’s campaign – the Link will appear on  your screen – The donations can be as little as you want, and of course, up to the maximum allowed by the law. You all know that I like big presents…

We will proceed in three segments;

  • SEGMENT ONE; Public Health (COVID-19)
  • SEGMENT TWO; Equality in American Society (Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, Sexism & Women Equality)
  • SEGMENT THREE; Economic Forecast post COVID-19

We will frame the segments with some questions already submitted by some of you.

Plus, I am inviting you to send your questions on the comments below and as we move along through the LIVE stream.

If there are any time extra in each of the segments, we will fill the time with your questions.

So, welcome to my Birthday party. 


DISCLAIMER; Valley Youth Theatre does not endorse any candidate for any political office. Contrary to statements in the posted video, the Stanton for U.S. Congress campaign paid for the rental of Valley Youth Theatre’s theater building for this event. No in-kind contribution has been made by Valley Youth Theatre to U.S. Representative Stanton’s re-election campaign. Thank you.
While as an organization we appreciate Oscar, Gary and Representative’s support, as a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation, Valley Youth Theatre is apolitical and will not, and cannot be viewed, as endorsing any political candidate, expressly or implicitly.


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