Well, we have what we consider now a collection of photography at home.

Through the years together we realized that we both have purchased and liked photography, and when we got together we continued the tradition, and have purchased and acquired new photography pieces.

This time by well known photographers and even museum quality, based on the type of paper and style of photography.

So, in a conversation over the phone with well known Arizona photographer Kathy Morgan few weeks ago, she mentioned that we were acquainted prior when we thought we were introduced.

I said, what?

Well, the Phoenix Art Museum has a group called In-Focus that is dedicated to cultivate, educate and crate awareness around the world of photography. We attended the live auction event back in 2013 – INFOCUS Photobid 2013 gala, and purchased one of their pieces during the auction.

A landscape by a well known Japanese. photographer Ryuijie by the name of “White Sands”.

The conversation continued as she told me about an idea of why not having a Zoom call or a web call with some of the members of a local group of lovers, admirers of photography, ever since we have so many pieces.

I said, well, let me ask Gary (my husband) and of course, we will do it!

The event LINK is this; Oscar & Gary House Tour and you have to be a member, so become one soon!

The local group by the name of “Arizona Photography Alliance“, so we submitted some of the pieces and got the green light to host a one hour talk, show, house walk around our photography pieces.

We have so many pieces and our home has only few walls that we have to keep some in storage.

Including this commissioned piece to announce my birthday last year by artist|photographer Juan Loza.

The tour has to be via video call, given the current virus circumstances.

So, to promo the event, we decided to tape a video-promo at home, and a blooper of the 25 takes to get the final product made it to Right This Minute TV show today!

Here is the clip;

We laughed afterwards and was hard to keep taping!

Here is the real promo;

We had a blast taping the video promo, and look forward to the event.

Always in style,

~ Oscar

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