And the interaction between us seem to be distant by the hour, and NEXFLIX has so many movies to watch, and FACEBOOK is not the same joyful platform anymore, and since the neighbor social distance hour is getting tiresome, and going to a Restaurant seem to be a chore more than anything, and since I went through a very hard time and recovered from it (quarantine weight and all), and since there is not a vaccine ready yet for us to go to a club and dance our shirts away, and since the rest of the world barely wants us to go visit them (quarantine for US visitors is a most in some countries), and since the conversations on line are so toxic, and since it seems that we are all experts and graduated immunology physicians, and since the election ads are going to drive us nuts, and since you are (and will) stop speaking to some friends because of politics), and since there are so many people doing good in our community, and since happy posts seem to be long gone, and since the TikTok choreographs are incredibly difficult at my age, and since summer seems endless, and since most of the galas and events are going virtual, and since we are all going tired of the overlapping talk on web calls, or “I cannot hear you”, and since we have to tell some people on the call “turn your camera on”, and since some of us have barking dogs, or someone knocking on the door while you are on a call, and since we are all glued to the TV, and since everyone got a peloton that will end up in the garage once we are able to get out of the house, and since the is so much to talk about that makes our community better, and since I have time during the weekends, and here and there, when I do not have calls to take, walk to walk, tethered swimming to do (it is working wonderfully with my recovery), and, and, and…..

I finally found how to host a web based LIVE BROADCAST from our home. I decided to let the creativity and communication go and open OSCAR-TALKS-OSCAR-TALK.


A weeknight chat with me every Wednesday evening…past 8:00pm.



Always in style,

~ Oscar

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