The conversation was as good as I figured!

Having a former Classic Trained Baritone that practices meditation, a Jiu-Jitsu Champion (medals and all), and a man who happens that happens to have in his hands, the executive direction of our Arizona Opera (Bold. Brave. Brilliant) for one hour with us, was simply pure joy!

Actually, an one hour was not enough to cover all the facets of Joe Specter, President and General Director of the Arizona Opera (AZO). We talked in some detail about the upcoming season (fall/winter 2020). The fact that the institution had to pivot to make the time invested, the finances and efforts to go all the way they can. In addtion, to make sure that the institution continues with its mission. At the same time to continue with the growing and momentum that was experiencing prior the current COVID-19 situation.

The format of the what I call now “show”, was since the beginning, to make sure that we highlight and get to know all facets of the incredible people that I have the opportunity to have with me for an hour.

One of those segments I called “The Wonder Years” and this was combination with another segment I blocked “Special Guest” and it a surprise for Joe.

Through a very confidential series of texts and back and forth emails with Kate (his wife) the week prior to the show, I was able to connect with his friends from a band that he used to be part of a band that he was part of called “The Figgs”! – So, I send emails back and forth, overseen closely by Kate, and they dig into their photography files from the past for me to have visual materials. But the best part is that and they all replied back and said;

Yes!, We will be there and stay late for Joey!”

They all are in the west coast (3 hours ahead of us). It was surprise for Joe and for me to see his face!

Prior to have them on camera, I saw them all arriving one-by-one to the “virtual green room” and waited to be part of the LIVE BROADCAST. It was a great moment for Joe as well for them and some of the family and friends that were watching the show.

In addition to that personal time. It was a true blast when the girls and his wife Kate came from down stairs, where they were watching the show, to say final goodbyes! – very cute!

You can watch the interview in full on my You Tube channel or by clicking here;

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Always in style,

Oscar ~

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