So, Yes!

I thought I had it all figured out regarding the technical issues behind OSCAR-TALKS-OSCAR-TALK!,

Yup!, I did some broadcasts during the weekend (which are adding to our data plan with COX Communications rapidly, yikes!) and everything went extremely well. But then!

The system was not able to broadcast, the pairing to the streams had an issue, then Letitia’s wifi was at a low speed, I could not find the master on my screen to aired some collateral I had in mind, etc., etc., etc….!

Luckly, my guest Letitia Frye was incredibly calm and with much grace handled all the craze.

Now, the interview? fantastic!

So much to talk with her and so much wisdom and inspiration, that you simply have to watch the interview (and excuse mer for all the technical issues).

In the meantime, please be safe and subscribe and tune-in every Wednesday evening for another episode of OSCAR-TALKS-OSCAR-TALK


Always in style,


Oscar ~


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