As the current Board Chairwoman for the Friends of Public Art, Dr. Poore is fan of this art piece, “Her Secret is Patience”, 2009 by artist Janet Echelman in downtown Phoenix. One that she can see from her beautiful condominium less than a mile away.

She is one of our local leaders in the forefront of positive change. She is a trailblazer when it comes to helps with strategic and strategic thinking to find solutions that affects us all.

She feels and understands the heartbeat of our metropolitan city (and our state), and gives her intellectual/practical input when needed, or is the innovator we all look up to, is our Doctor Carol A. Poore from Poore & Associates.

Dr. Carol A. Poore from Poore & Associates
An evening with Dr. Poore!

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, she was a strategic thinker at a young age, and contemplated about how actions taken today impact the future. She liked to set goals and get things done — and still does today!

Pursuing an early career in print and broadcast journalism. From government policy making to business reports and feel-good feature stories, she covered the news and communicated in a clear way to create shared learning and understanding. There were plenty of stories to tell and deadlines to meet.

After years of reporting the news, she decides that it was time to help make the news! Helping to shape the unwritten story of an organization’s strategic future, and to help mobilize others to achieve both collective and individual future success.

Developing via a strategic planning muscle as a senior analyst at Salt River Project, one of the largest public power and water companies in the United States.

Few years later, served as a nonprofit healthcare “Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS” president and CEO. The first strategic plan served as a beacon of light for the agency’s survival during the chaotic financial downturn of 2008 through 2011. In 2013, her second strategic plan led to the successful development of a 55,000-square-foot community health and research center supported by private donor investments and a multimillion-dollar municipal bond.

Dr. Poore speaks about the importance of having a solid education and include arts as part of the education.

Through her consultancy, POORE & ASSOCIATES, she provides strategic planning expertise for corporate, small business, nonprofit, government and social sector executive teams, expanding organizational capacity that results in strategic impact.

Dr. Poore speaking about her life and how strategy is one of her passions.

Dr. Poore her Ph.D. in Public Administration and MBA from Arizona State University, (Forks up!). Her primary field of research focuses on strategic leadership and community building, downtown community revitalization and the impact of social capital, using case studies from urban projects across the United States.

This busy mother of two young men, and author of two books (an her latest to be released soon “Strategic Thinking”), is the current chairman of the Friends of Phoenix Public Art board, and under her leadership, big decisions are being made in order to continue a labor of Educating, creating advocacy and fundraise in behalf of the world of Public Art in Phoenix. All, to createnew incredible pieces of public art, or maintain the current ones the city owns for all citizens (present and future) to enjoy!

A very diverse and with a lengthy experience in the world of non-profit, art and all things Phoenix, the Friends of Phoenix Public Art board gathered by Doctor Carol Poore is ready to bring the large collection of Phoenix Public Art to the forefront!

We had cameos by other leaders of the world of arts in Arizona with us. They will give us and update and will talk to us about what is happening within the world of public art while we are all at cooped-up at home. Two two of my colleagues from the Friends of Phoenix Public Art board.

and of course, myself!

An evening about strategic thinking, volunteering with your talents to create a city we all dream of, and an evening about our public art this time.

Do not miss, this one (and plus) hour with Dr. Poore and the world of Public Art, here is the link if you want to see the whole show;

Watch the whole show. It was so informative!

Plus, we talked to Dr. Poore about her life, and her earrings too!

I love them so much, that look at my face!!!!!

Plus, this video with a group of friends she travels with is just priceless!

THE TRIBE, so I called the incredible group of women that Dr. Poore travels with all over the world.

Do not miss this incredible and fun episode of OSCAR-TALKS-OSCAR-TALK…trust me, you are going to…


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