Just to get the interview, we had to schedule and re-schedule, and re-schedule, and I understood that something was going on.

Yes! The Phoenix Art Museum was preparing their “in-person” opening for subscribers October 1st, so they were getting all ready for the big re-opening and welcoming to the guests and patrons that have followed the museum for many, many years.

See, the biggest institution within the world of arts in Phoenix, needed to create momentum, and I was able to catch Dr. Tim Rodgers, who is the new Director of the Sybil Harrington Director and CEO of Phoenix Art Museum for one hour to talk all things PHXArt and also all things Mr. Rodgers, and I have to tell you, it was a complete joy!

Phoenix Art Museum Lobby

I had to ask him about the paper that I am working regarding interiors and the current COVID-19 era, and even the post COVID-19 era. Which to my surprise he picked the environment with the most historical background, and the environment that has been qualified by many guests as “warm”.

A or B?

The question everyone ask to a Museum Director, is which one is his favorite piece in the collection, and of course, this time was no exception. I had to ask the question.

This piece by the name of “The White Rose” is Dr. Rodgers favorite!

The story behind the art piece is associated with this history with the Musuem, with art and even with the technique. A very interested conversation about a very melancholic portrait, but nonetheless and as it is always with Dr. Rodgers, so educative. Take a listen!

The White Rose

I was not able to find where was he from, but I learned that he as from Ohio and his family moved to the Sonoran Desert, where he even gave himself a chance to experiement with acting and modeling. Yup! the looks are there.

One thing about anyone who is within the world of arts, is the ability to create its own environment, and create their own version fo themselves. This was a great conversation with Dr. Rodgers, and one that it was quite personal.

Tim Rodgers as a young model

I had to ask about the Musuem and the plans for the upcoming season.

Well, it was a very detailed answer, with specifics of how the museum staff is working and all the precautions taken, for patrons and for staff. Of course! there is no other way to make this work, other than taking all the steps towards guaranteeing the good health of everyone.

Having attended year after year the annual “PARty Gala”, I had to ask the plans for this year. Well, every institution have opted to create mix of virtual and in-person events. The PHXArt is no exception, creating an Hybrid for the upcoming events.

Check the event page to get specific details of what is about to come for the Musuem this year.

To close, I had to play this incredible video that I received from the Museum staff, where the story of the city is narrated around our understanding of who we are. This video is a piece of art on its own, and I urge you to listen, to watch and to feel the intent of the video. Simply supreme!

The conversation with Maestro Tim Rodgers was as delightful and as inspiring as always, and I am thankful that he took one hours of his very busy schedule to sit with me and talk all things Phoenix Art Museum, and all things Tim Rodgers.

You can watch the full LIVE BROADCAST here;

Once again and as a conclusion of all my recent conversations with all these Art Leaders around the city. The world of arts is to stay and will accommodate the times, to continue inspire us.

Please support the world of arts.

Always in style,

Oscar ~

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