After coming to the Sonoran Desert and spending more than 2 years learning about the greatest American Architect Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright, and getting the thesis approved to obtain my Interiors Architecture Degree by the University of Salamanca in Spain, I thought I was one of the scholars about his practice, his life and his life’s philosophy, but I found someone who is a true master in the life of the master.

Well, of course!, he is the current President and CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation had to be the one that knew it all and more in depth about the architect, philosopher and thinker that he was.

It was a true pleasure to have Mr. Stuart Graff with me last Sunday for the show!

He is perhaps the best spokesperson, since his knowledge about Frank Lloyd Wright and the foundation goes back, as far as his childhood years. As he said, during the interview. Showing us proudly his collection of books in his library at home, that describes the life and art of the biggest American Architect for the modern era.

I concluded after the interview, that he is the best spokesperson to the institution, plus his knowledge in administration and international affairs makes him the perfect fit. A passion that started very early in life. At 8 years old, he started his venture to know and learn more about the vision of Frank Lloyd Wright, and I do not know many people whose recollection of life and what they wanted to do in life were so early!

Stuart Graff during the UNESCO’s register of Taliesin
Second site in Arizona after the Grand Canyon
Stuart Graff At the UN

A leader that not know knows how to create momentum, administer the assets (tangible and intangible) but has an added asset, and is his passion about the history, story and message behind the organization.

The conversation touched points about the philosophy of the architect, architecture and his vision of the society today. As a curious matter, what we are experiencing and living today, where technology is intrinsic part of life, was foreseen by Frank Lloyd Wright. That is where the Usonian term comes from;

  • The result was an architecture he termed “Usonian,” which focused on the residents of a culturally reformed United States of North America. … The Usonian houses were smaller than his sprawling Prairie style residences, contained little ornamentation and lacked basements or attics.

Many subjects were discussed about how Frank Lloyd Wright saw the world and the buildings were we inhabit. The comprehension of the philosophy

As Stuart mentioned during our conversation, the best way to learn about Frank Lloyd Wright is simply reading this autobiography.

  • Probably the most important thing that someone can read is his autobiography, because, it explains this interrelationship between his life and his work.”

Taliesin is simply a “Living Lab”.

The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation is based on three pillars;


These three elements intertwine and there are incredible and excitement plans for the foundation and how issues of the fruit are addressed.

This is one of the longest (in terms of time), broadcasts that I’ve hosted, but I you should have seen my face after we finished the LIVE BROADCAST. The amount of information and exciting plans that Stuart shared with us and it is a seal that this institution is to stay with us, and that the foundation will guarantee that such legacy continues in our society.

If you want to see/hear and enjoy the fascinating narrative of an illustrious story teller and what is almost a lecture about the Architect of the American Modern era, I urge you to seat back and relax to hear Stuart Graff, telling us all the details about this now, World Heritage site.

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I am very grateful to the time that I had to develop this idea, and grateful to all of my guests to today. There is much more to see/hear and learn when it comes to our community, and I am sure I will be revising these wonderful guests in time.

Always in style,


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