So, our own Arizona based: “Hip-Historian”, Yes! Yes!, Yes!, we have our own Hip-Historian by the name of Marshall Shore, and you should meet him or attend one of his tours and happy hours, they are faaaaaantastic!
Anyway, Marshall invited me to be his guest last week on his wonderful broadcast show by the name of “”Arizona History Happy Hour” and it was, well, more than one hour, and was very happy….plus he creates a TRIVIA based on each of his guests, which I found super-entertaining.
With a cocktail recipe moment, and musical moment, his LIVE BROADCAST sponsored by AARP Arizona creates an environment for conversation. This is the link:
Just in case you want to watch a fun time with Marshall and his very “marshall” way to interview guests. I was able to answer many questions many have and more.


My early days in Salamanca (Spain) attending winter classes.
My first days as a draftsman in Arizona
Photography at Architectural Alliance, Inc.

Some of the answers listed here:

  1. First Historical Building I visited

Taliesin West.

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright

I came to the US to write my Thesis about Modern Architecture in America:

My thesis for my master’s in interior architecture by the University of Salamanca was titled:

 “Modern Architecture through lens of Frank Lloyd Wright”.

I will told my story trying to get there in bus from Central and Missouri.

  • Favorite Modern Building in Phoenix

Photography; Chris Loomis

Photography: Chris Loomis

Commercial: Phoenix Financial Center, 1963 by Wenceslaus Sarmiento

Was Oscar Niemeyer part of the commission?

Style: International Style Architecture

Originally the main tower consisted of 10 stories and extra nine were added in 1972

The time capsule? – Set to be opened in 2012…. Where is the time capsule?

Set as set for the movie “What Planet Are You From?

  • First Outing in Phoenix to see art?
Installation at the Ice House during ArtDetour
Art Installation at the Ice House during ArtDetour

The Icehouse in the Warehouse District

I saw the first ART DETOUR by ARTLink there in spring of 1999

  • First Project for the City of Phoenix

I had to work with Parks Department, Phoenix Arts Commission and SRP on the Arizona Falls project in 2003

Project: Waterworks at Arizona Falls at the Herberger Park (North side of 56th and Indian School Road)

Artist: Lajos Heder and Mags Harries at Arizona Falls Project

Landscape Architect: Steve Martino

Words: Alberto Rios

  • My Citizenship
My oath ceremony

I received my oath as a Citizen in 2010 at the Sandra Day O’Connor Courthouse

Architect: Richard Meier

  • Favorite Modern Hotel

Valley Ho Hotel

We filmed a series back in 2013 for TELEMUNDO there – A talk show in Spanish

  • Me & SMoCA
SMoCA (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art)

It was the second museum I visited, after the Phoenix Art Museum

I’ve been part of the SMoCA Advisory Board for more than 14 years

Architect: Will Bruder
Some are part of a chapters that I am writing for what one day will become a book of my early days in the US and the story of an immigrant that learned to love Arizona, and Arizonans like many others like me.
Thank you again for having me!

Always in Style,


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