When it comes to “create” an editorial to showcase a product, and idea, a concept, a service, the first thing that comes to mind is where do you start?

The best way is a concept.

Here is a throwback photo shoot I worked with a young local model, and one of my favorite Fashion and Beauty Photographers, Mr.  Jim Hesterman that has an edge and high sense of contrast and a wide vocabulary when it comes to lighting.

The concept here was to showcase “Motion & Stillness“, with the same garment, under an editorial name “AMOUR PERTOU“.


A local pair of fashion designers Natalia Acosta and Alexa Zavala working under a brand called Italia Rocks Couture,  allowed me to pull from their wide selection of garments from their recent collection presented to the locals during IRFW .
Which I had the great pleasure to attend. (See the garment selected on the third model from Left to Right)


A three day event that I have the pleasure to report on a local TV Spanish TV station that covered Southern USA, Mexico and Central America, and one that I was associated to at that time. ….(and I just noticed that the hem of my pants it is a little too long. – am i getting to that age, where you shrink? – I don’t think so!)


I was able to select directly form the runway the garments I needed for this shoot, the ones with most transparency, volume and liquidity to make the motion to be still, with a hint of movement (tulle pink skirt),…


and one with much fluidity (light red crepe tunic).


Many designers and photographers nowadays tend to increase the amount of fabric via photoshop for more drama, or elongate the legs of the model, so the garments look longer (and the models from another planet). Here you have this completely natural and untouched.

Creating one of my favorite images of this editorial;


The tulle, had to have a contrast and a white button down shirt, paired with white pearls ( a staple to elegance) was the best to carry that 80’s tradition that MADONNA was known for. A hint of the very recent past, and one that is very familiar to all of us (most of us, I would say) into modern Americana.


As it is a tradition during my productions, simplicity had to be part of it and needed to be recorded.

So, a simple black and white, closed the session.



Within the world of production and the world of editorials, creativity is the key and the limits are endless. What sets you apart is the ability of creating an idea around a concept.

Always in Style,

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