Recently, I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by THE CHIC SPY, a notable fashion and style blog on line.

The incredible outpour of love and support of my own community, has lead to new incredible opportunities locally and abroad. Some of those will start to unfold as winter comes, and I cannot be happier.


I have to admit that my personality fluctuates from the very outspoken, to the very secure and even reclusive persona (when needed), and I am sure some cannot understand what seems to be a mission now. My love for design, fashion, but more so, for the refinement of the modern living and modern style.

Both fronts of my carrier are taking tumbles, and I am letting it happen, as they are both pointing to very promissory future, and always with design and style in mind

Thank you THE CHIC SPY for a great interview, and hope you readers love it as much as I loved being part of the great selection of “Guest Agents”

Always in Style,


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