If you only knew all the process that goes behind a T.V. spot like this. A very precise process of coordination, and planning. Luckily the staff members and production team of AZ DAily Mix at AZ7- are a incredible responsible and professional, plus a joy to work with. From the moment you walk into studio to the last take and goodbye they make you feel home.

After all, this is already an established morning show in Arizona.

Well this time, a conversation on camera with Pat McMahon is always my favorite. He is a personality on it’s own, and his elegance and way to address this matter is more than a pro. Someone I see as an inspiration when it comes to the world of communications.

For this apperance, I decided to wear one of the classics of men’s wear and suit wear. A pin blue pin stripe suit by Suit supply, a firm of which I am an ambassador for.

Classic Pin Stripe look
A mannequin at the store with this look

Suit Look – Mannequin 

Suit – Double breasted is something Siutsupply is known for and have done multiple times in the past.  Pinstripes are a classic power move, and it looks even better in DB! Fabric is a seasonal wool.  Few are made for every season, and more options will be available for Spring/ Summer line available March 1st in store, Also offered in a few custom options. Fit is a contemporary slim fit.  Slightly pleated shoulder for wider range of motion. Adds an extra style characteristic.

Shirt – Light Blue pinstripe slim fit spread collar. Paired with the finest shirt line with such a bold suit for an extra statement.  Stripes on stripes for an even more bold appeal. Fabric is Egyptian cotton

Tie – Seasonal Wool in brown is again acting as a complimentary color in this outfit and is also an easy color to consider beyond all of the classic reds and blues that are mostly paired with suiting these days. (A little bit easier for gentleman than an orange/yellow/green)

Shoes – Dark brown leather double monks, that comes in an array of leather to suede and different colors, with an update, so it is for a full year round option. A perfect compliment for this look. ( I was wearing on the T.V. Spot my favorite pair of brown wing tips.

Pocket Square – Seasonal Wool – Colors compliment well with colors in tie

 Here is the TV. Spot for your enjoyment.

You can sense the fun part on this segment, of course!, it is my friend Pat!


Always in Style,

Oscar ~

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