Remember I told you that the evening of Miss USA 2017 in Las Vegas had more than one surprise on my end?, Yes!, more than “The Making of a Beauty Queen Gown” for Miss Utah USA 2017 the lovely Ms. Baylee Jhonson.

Miss USA 2017 crowning evening

Well, I got a call within days of the pageant to submit myself, and my team styling services fee, plus to attend a meeting to create a line and style to Ms. Karly Riggs, a FORD/RBA model that became last year Miss Teen Arizona USA 2017. 

So, we picked up all materials and attended the meeting. First thing in order was to select a second option for a dress to wear to the Miss USA 2017 beauty contest crowning evening in Las Vegas. Yes!, she had already a garment picked for her, but like in any of these events, a second option is more than a typical thing, as anything can change last minute.

So, trying to find something already designed, already made for days we had no luck. I said;

– We’ve done this before!, let me get to my studio and sketch something, call the head seamstress, order fabric and we will be ready to go, in less than a week. “

I knew the guidelines, so it was just get to the sketching board.

Sure enough!, in less than a week, and after going back and forth, we found the perfect blend of a the elegance of a teen, with not much glitz, but much class and style. Something in a color she never worn, and with a style of the great couturiers in the world.

Here are some of the sketches for our current Miss Teen Arizona USA 2107 contestant Miss Karly Riggs;

KARLY RIGGS - MISS TEEN ARIZONA USA - Evening dress to attennd Miss USA 2017 Crowning evening in Las Vegas - BACK


KARLY RIGGS - MISS TEEN ARIZONA USA - Evening dress to attnend Miss USA Crowing 2017 evening in Las Vegas FRONT

Naturally, we changed pink, or rose color (very expected from a teen) to a more periwinkle or soft blue to match her eyes, and started adding elements of high fashion like feathers, a rhinestone belt, layers of satin and bows on her sandals heels, made of the same material as the dress.

Karly in preparations

The choice in shoes was the key, silver, sandal, straps, plus adding some sexy ribbons on the heel, added that flirty young, playful element (perhaps too dressy for the occasion, yes, but no,…  Hey!, it is our national queen who is getting a crown).

Karly Riggs Miss Teen Arizona 2017 - Front at Miss USA pagent

Karly Riggs Miss Teen Arizona 2017- Back at Miss USA Pagent

Now, here are some of the pictures of Ms. Riggs with other contestants. Say, class?

With other contestants

I was so happy t o see elegance on a teen, (she is a teen, not a grown-up woman!) – dressed with that Hollywood elegance that no longer exist. A throwback?, yes!, classic elegance has no age, plus for trends, urban looks and fashionably loud outings, there are other places and spaces.

She has other garments and fashion looks that are similar to what to other girls wore, for this specific evening, but those are reserved for the right occasion, much more relax and day to day, when she is basically a teen, and can be more relax. This was a gala and an elegant soiree.

Meanwhile, elegance should remain!  – Class should be kept – Social graces should be taught! – Exterior looks that compliment, an illustrious vocabulary (learned by reading and in school), demeanor (pass into family discipline) and behavior (part of growing up values), and Ms. Karlina Riggs has it all and more, much more!

Karly and myself at the Miss USA 2017

Here is a recount of how all happened, from beginning to end, of how all this was conceinved.

Remember we always talk about what best suits you for an specific occasion, and how silhouette, color, material and composition what to wear is your first impression, and these teen are being watched to become our next best Teen.

Who are at the end, is an inspiration to many in our communities. So, don’t miss July 29th/2017 from Phoenix Convention Center the evening Gala to elect the new Miss Teen USA 2017.MISS TEEN USA 2017

And of course, good luck to our Karly next weekend!

Karlina Riggs - Miss Arizona Teen USA 2017.jpg

Always in style,


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