Well, this time I got a call from a PR company asking for some modern (no tie, or bowtie) looks for an upcoming project on massive media.

What?, no bowtie?

That’s like donating blood, you know, that nervousness you get when you have to give something from your own body? – no it is not the needle, is like saying goodbye to something precious, I don’t know, a finger?

If you know me, know about my child life and have read many of my blogs about my passion for that menswear cherry-on-the-top accessory, you will know what I am talking about. My Bowtie!

Photography by

In any event, my friend and right hand in many, many, many design and style project, Mr, Chris Loomis,  from Loomis Photography asked me to come dressed as I do for business, so, I decided to use my favorite SUITSUPPLY,  by the name of THE TRAVELLER. A very light 100% wool suit with half lining on the jacket and a modern cut with no shoulder pads and midsize lapel, combined with a white 100% Egyptian cotton white plain slim shirt, and a tobacco belt and shoes with no socks (very summer). He took me to a very urban city look area during sunset, and this is the result;

Oscar By Loomis 2017 -1.jpg

Oscar by Loomis 2017 -2 .jpg

Gosh, as I am getting older, I look so close to my dad at this age.

If you are looking for a “staple” suit on your closet, this is one you should own. THE TRAVELLER, and it comes in grey, and it comes in grey, pin stripe blue and light grey.

I always get asked, so I though I would pass the info, after all, I am currently a brand ambassador for the brand SUITSUPPLY.

So, stay tuned, as there are others with similar look, with NO BOWTIE on (say what?), yup!, and luckily will be part of a speaking series we are currently working on.

The key of all this, is the eye behind the lens! – thank you Chris!

Always in style,


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