SFW 2018

Oh, yes!

For this occasion, I am wearing PINK! and for many reasons, and if you follow me in social media, you might know why,…

In any event, this time, more fashion for you in town, and good fashion as always,

SFW 2018.jpeg

So, if I were you, I would be getting my outfits ready, and getting my tickets for another fashion date in town.

Check the schedule at Scottsdale Fashion Week and set your times, and dates!

SFW 2018

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview talented overall designer Zandra Rhodes, and it was a fascinating one-on-one talk about the vision of her life, work and her way to get inspired, plus her museum, and new foundation.

The year prior , I had the opportunity to interview Michael Costello, whose designs I used for some very well known red carpet awards in the nation.

Another true talent.

Michael Costello

This year, one of my favorite designers whom I interviewed before;

Mr. Turk,  and his wife Trina Turk will be presenting their line during the fourth night of the festivities, and I cannot wait.

So, as I said, get your ensembles ready, get your tickets, and see you,….

Always in style


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