Gosh I am behind on this post.

Well, I am Oscar, yes!, but not The Academy Oscar, just Oscar. Not an easy riddle after all, and you will see why on this #whatwoulsocardo story.

When I opened this portal, I always thought that this was a window to the many expressions of art, and design I am fortunate to be part of (including my architecture, and interior design work as a professional), but slowly and surely, the world of Fasion took over, yup!, it did, and always does. See, my years modeling, designing photographers sets, and creating some styling, are much more appealing and more impacting to a large group, and to the internet,… so this page gets you a bit of the pother work and a-lotta’,….fashion!

The good of that premise, is that I am able to mix the stories of fashion with my other passion, …my community, and my community work.

Here is the latest one around my name. OSCAR.


My friend Bobb Cooper, invited me for a drink after work on a Friday afternoon to talk about an idea he had for an evening of fashion, theater, fun, and fundraising. Bobb is the producing artistic director of one of the most young talent based institutions in the Valley of the Sun (greater Phoenix) by the name of Valley Youth Theater.

The proposal was simple. Use my name as a frame for a viewing party for an upcoming OSCARS Awards in Hollywood. That was very simple.

Use my name as a frame for a viewing party for the upcoming Academy  of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards by the name of The OSCARS in Hollywood this year, and throw a party at inside the theater to gather the potential “table host” for the upcoming VYTal gala event every August that benefits the Valley Youth Theatre.


Bobb had great ideas to entertain the spiffy, and sophisticated crowd, that attended the event dressed to the nines, and with the latest Oscar fashions to hear my story tales about the world of styling, and behind scenes when dressing a movie star, or the wife, of a producer,  or the very opinionated Instagram self-star daughter of a movie executive, or the executive itself! – Not an easy feat, and a very large process when it is a noticeable star, as many levels are including on the selection of the style and the garment. From publicists, to spiritual shirks to opinionated girlfriends, and even the producers, executive of the movie they are representing they all have the same question when they get the nomination, the invitation, or the call to get invited; “What am I going to wear?”

Curating someone’s wardrobe is not an easy process but could be a fun one (if you want it to make fun).

So, I called another lover of the world of performing arts, and my biggest support and cheerleader when it comes to community enterprises, and who understands the vision behind these events,  to make it happen and she said,….yes!.

That ally is my Billie Jo.

She accepted with much enthusiasm to be the presenter and host of the party, as it was framed on her intro to me, the party took the name of;


Billie Jo & Me during Oscar at the OSCARS promo

We had only few days to put this together, and create a red carpet event that will help to sale tickets for the upcoming gala in August, introduce the event to a new demographic, create a momentum for the theater in therms of brand recognition, and showcase some of the talents from the cast to the selected audience.

We did it! – with the staff working full time, a fabulous committee and many other volunteers, the party happened, and it was a true blast!

The night was simply dashing!, and guests got dressed to the nines for the viewing party, which, of course, was one my requests! – you come to “OSCAR at the OSCARS”, you ought to look the part!

So, media was there (in full and even LIVE) in our  red carpet that welcome the party guests, and have to admit that was booming with fabulous locals, (and some visitors from out of state) that wanted to see the awards dressed in full OSCAR fashion, and have a blast supporting the Valley Youth Theater.

20180304-IMG_6927-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS

28616496_10155430258522939_8216375369065691878_o20180304-IMG_6938-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS.JPG20180304-IMG_6974-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_6975-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_6930-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS.JPG20180304-IMG_6941-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS.JPG

Yes!, the fashion had to be un full, and everyone dressed to attend one of the most fun evening of the year, but on a LIVE cast at a theatre that have helped created several stars in Hollywood.

20180304-IMG_6932-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS

20180304-IMG_6957-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS

20180304-IMG_6934-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_6954-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_6987-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_6995-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_6980-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS


20180304-IMG_7002-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_6962-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS.JPG20180304-IMG_7005-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS.JPG20180304-IMG_7000-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_6996-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS20180304-IMG_7112-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS.JPG20180304-IMG_7102-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS.JPG20180304-IMG_7084-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS.JPG20180304-IMG_7109-- 030418 -- OSCAR AT THE OSCARS28515935_10155430257532939_3962422664097781827_o

You have to attend on of the many plays, and musicals that Valley Youth Theater produces!, or get ready for the VYTal Gala in August.

Always in Style,

Oscar ~

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