On my calendar every year is to attend Phoenix Fashion Week this year, and of course I wanted to attend!!!

Phoenix Fashion Week post on their own platform to purchase tickets with fashion by Svetik Sambell stopped (literally) the runway last year on the tracks with this,..Oh so sophisticated vignette!

You now my interest when it comes to Fashion and style.

I think is the best way to measure the advance of a communiuty towards the cultivation of elegance and finesse. It is also a window to their lifestyle, and expression or art, but most of all with all allows us to see if the community is able to support their own applied art of fashion, that is after all a very lucrative business,..the business of fashion!

Oh, did I mention that it is also a window to see how the locals face their weather, the way of thinking of a formal and informal presence of themselves?, and not to mention the elegance that some might attend religiously, and others, not so much!

IN any event, the first evening of PHXFW is dedicated to cancer Survivors, it is called the FASHIONABLY PINK. A portion of the funds this evening go directly to the foundation and that’s a good thing!

A Pink Survivor and a Celebrity runway to open Phoenix Fashion Week 2019

It was a pleasure to be part of this incredible fashion extravaganza to help our own in town.  Once again Phoenix Fashion Week parented with Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump! Their mission is to provide all services needed and more to those going through the hard days of breast cancer and this night it is always dedicated to bring stories of the survivors, elevate them and celebrate them. Raise funds and applaud those that have gone through a hard one!

And that’s beautiful reason to get all dressed up and glamorous!

For some years now, I’ve been invited to walk with them the runway;

PINK Fashion Show

And this year, I thought I was out of town for work, I even got to call last minute to get some tickets and attend with my Gary that night.


ARRIVING on Red Carpet with my Husband Gary and Sheri Barry, and Angela Jhonson (next to me) from F.A.B.R.I.C., the first fashion incubator in the state of Arizona.

Meanwhile and while getting seated  my “amigo” from 3TV AZ, Good Morning Arizona talent Mr. Javier Soto texted me and  invited me to walk with him and our current reigning Miss Arizona 2019 Savannah Wix. Producer Brian Hill called backstage and I got in-line of the show,… And that was a great pleasure and honor!

Runaway Ready I was. Here with Javier Soto and Savannah Wix (Miss Arizona) and myself wearing Mr. Turk!

As it is now tradition, we all posed a the end of the runway in many different poses, a very fun time!

A true honor, check out Brad’s face in the middle. So funny!


Some more images from different media outlets of the fun evening;

Thank you for having me!

Always in Style,


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