UNIVISION ARIZONA 40th Anniversary

Having a weekday party it is not easy, but when the party is your 40th anniversary in business, Hey! you have to as we say in Spanish Throw your house over the window(Tirar la casa for la ventana), in other words, give your best, and make it bug and loud.

Anniversary Brand image by local artist Gennaro Garcia

Last week KTVW-DT UNIVISON Arizona, Television, virtual UHF channel 33, is a Univison owned-and-operated television station licensed to Phoenix, Arizona, United States.  Which it means that us Arizonans have our own Hispanic and in Spanish based TV channel with the latest news, entertainment and information.

The hall was super decorated with the new brand image of UNIVISION

The party at the Phoenix Art Musuem Main hall was not small, and a proclamation by the Mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallego was announced!

More and more Proclamations for the Hispanic TV Channel

The press release for the 40th anniversary was nothing short of accolades and we applauded the occasion.


Menwhile, the room was full of Who-Is-Who in our latin community, and of course, I had to be there, so thank you for the invitation UNIVISION ARIZONA.

A candid picture during conversations with El Gordo, “Raul de Molina” and his wife.

One of the most established TV hosts from UNIVISON national traveled from Miami to be present. A man who started as a paparazzo and was the commentator of the entertainment hispanic/latino life, and because of his commentary and ability to speak bluntly, became a huge star.

He is one of two people formula for a TV Show widely watch in Latin America any the name of “EL Gordo Y La Flaca” (The Fat and the Thin Lady) which I believe the tittle won’t fly in American TV to be honest, and even could be sued, but we latinos have humor, and lots of it.

We spoke for a while and talked about the Miami Beach days and when the city was just becoming what it is today,..a true place to party and the Hollywood of the latin entertainment, mostly thanks to the vision of the founders of UNIVISON.

Our conversation about the 8o’s and the Miami we both saw changing to what today is a fun city so international that is incredibly alive. We used to run into each other then, today he is a big TV star and very well loved by many.
The cutest part of the night. This all kids/juvenile Mariachi. Loved seen the community together and keeping our traditions alive.

So who is who was there, and here are some images of the eve via social media;




A celebration with much latin heart and much passion for our own Latin-ism!

So, Happy 40th UNIVISON ARIZONA, and a toast for 40 more and more!

Always in style,


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