You know all this, and I’ve said it before.

The “On-camera” or “On-Stage” persona, is easier than having to be the subject or the person being  interviewed on a one-on-one scenario and in front of a camera.

I’ve conducted many one-on-one interviews in the past and I am very aware of the “flow” of an interview, and when the person in front of me wants to speed-up an answer, not answer directly or getting too deep into the subject, but ought to admit that Mycal Anders did a phenomenal job.

I have read his book, and ought to admit that opened doors to thoughts and inner emotions that only few authors can do. A self improvement book for those who understand leaving a legacy, open a path and becoming the YOU, you want to be;  Inner-Circle-by-Mycal-Anders,  that now is on my MOST read list!

I am not the one who likes to talk in depth about my philosophy of life, of much I believe in reading the energy of others, or how much I admire those who are able to converse about their deep selves. Those are conversations for a Sunday morning  – SuperSoul – that I watch by myself and a cup of coffee, allowing the immense knowledge and wisdom by a communication like no other like Oprah Winfrey.

Do you want to see/listen to the whole interview?

Here is the podcast;

A moment with the other me.

Always in style,



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