Yes! OSCAR has to talk about the OSCARS.

In not an scholar about the subject, ever since the award of 90 years old! – I had attended some after parties event, which are a lot of fun and trust me, Hollywood goes big !!

If I talks about THE ACADEMY Oscar le award I will not be able to cover all details as there are many. The history of it, not the cost of the production, not the movies nominated, not the craze days before, not to any of that, but yes ! When it comes to fashion and styling of the evening all this factors are somehow flourish.

But what I can do is to talk about the fashion, the styling and the design.

So, this time ABC 15, our local Arizona based TV station calls few weeks before the Oscar and we taped this fun segment;


I had to host “OSCAR at the OSCARS” this year for the third year to benefit Valley Youth Theater, so I missed most of the red carpet, but panic no more. Check my social media platforms to get an idea of my favorite fashion of the eve, and those who missed the mark and should of gone home to change (?) is that too mean? Or too aggressive? No, no, no it is all fun and in not mean.

See, my perspective is all the look of classic beauty or extreme avant-garde for an award red carpet that sets the tone of how do we see elegance and pizzazz as a society.

Always in style ~


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