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This recent article on The Men’s Book – which I am one of the selected members of “The Commitee” – will tell you more about a magical place called “Cartagena de Indias” (or Cartagena).

There are many options while visiting the city, but after many years I went back last holiday season and it was magical,..

Now if you want to read the story,…is here;

My Winter Escape

As winter comes and as the snow piles up gracefully over the mountains all around the northern hemisphere, winter sports and winter wonderland places are the ones favored for the end of the holiday season, and even the first weeks of the new year.

While you are sliding over powder, cross-country skiing over white and frozen winter wonderlands, having hot chocolate with cinnamon in front of a fireplace, or even wearing fur jackets and layers of cashmere, I personally dream of going back to the Caribbean.IMG_8041IMG_9077.jpg

You see, this time of year, the Alissian winds that blow from the African coast make the islands and coastal cities take a turn from the scorching heat and humidity of the summer with trade winds to help decrease the heat, make warm days incredibly pleasant and evenings exceptionally enjoyable.


IMG_7838A colonial city by the name of Cartagena in Colombia was where I spent my early winter vacations with my family. Now, many years later, I go back to relive those days that served as a natural getaway for us. This location is, due to the Internet frenzy, what some ‘black and white’ editors now call “Boutique”, “Foodie”, “VIP”, “Members Only” and the ever-popular “Experience”.


So, if you are in for changing up the winter wonderland to a warm tropical holiday, here are my favorites from my most recent trip to the Caribbean, and my beloved Cartagena.


My suggestion to lodge is in the historic center, or what they call the Walled City.


IMG_7793Morning Walk inside the Historic CityThe original city still stands inside the fortress walls which were built in the late 16thcentury.

IMG_8160Morning Walk inside the Historic City - Cartagena De Indias

This are is known for the original structures dating back to that period and showcasing several European influences from the subsequent four hundred years. If you are into repurposing and reuse, then  the use of these historic homes and buildings as hotels and restaurants, then you will be very happy with the incredible assortment of  these new waves boutique spaces.

The blend of 16thand 17thcentury buildings have been remodeled for new use with ultra-modern interiors and finishes made with indigenous materials and make for a unique environment with modern personalized service. The resulting spaces are intimate, unique, urban and command your respect, simply due to their age and existence. Hotel Tcherassi  

Tcherassi Hotel

Tcherassi Hotel Lobby with mom

It is one of my favorites, and a ‘must visit ‘ even if you are not staying at the hotel. Owned by one of the well-known fashion designers from my hometown, Silvia Tcherassi designs her spaces with her tactile finesse and clearly loves sophistication in her warm, stark white interior colonial homes with accent of color. (Remember the fashion review of her line here on my blog?) The one-on-one treatment is a luxury on its own.

Now, if you prefer big tower hotels with casinos, but still want the warm gray volcanic sandy beaches, then I urge you to venture from the ‘walled city’ to the ‘new city’, which resembles an all-white Miami waterfront, and climb to the 40thfloor to the newest addition to the ‘new city’ skyline, the Hotel Estelar Cartagena de Indias,

Hotel Estelar Cartagena De Indiasjpg

which is located in the Boca Grande area with a pool perched on the edge of the 12th floor.and their breezy, swanky outdoor rooftop bar, 51 Sky Bar.

51 Sky Bar at the Hotel Estelar Cargena De Indias

51 Sky Bar at the Hotel Estelar Cartagena De IndiasIMG_8237

IMG_8231Views on every floor to fill your dreams!


Only a few of us know (passed on by the locals) that the best time to walk the historic center is as early as the dawn peeks over the horizon. I recommend that you go for a walk ‘counter-clockwise’ along the top of the historic stone and grout fortress wall of the multi-colored walled city, and make stops down the cannon ramps along the way to see beautiful hotels, lush plazas, or take a picture with the city in the background. That is the best way to see the walled city, and quite peacefully. Why counterclockwise? The winds blow in from the bay and the ocean, and if you walk clockwise, you are walking with the winds. And Cartagena’s sun can be hot – even in December. And take fresh coconut water with you.IMG_8112

A breezy, tasty stroll back a few hundred years. Your tour will give you the opportunity to see the multicolored colonial facades on buildings that range from the small cottages formerly owned by servants, to the multifloored mansions filled with green tropical big leafed vertical gardens dripping from balconies and hallways and accompanied to the sound of interior water fountains and caged parrots and birds.




A beautiful Caribbean symphony!


Make sure to stop for breakfast at one of the many local restaurants and enjoy a cup of Colombian coffee for breakfast. Your meal will be filled of homegrown Caribbean fruit – Watermelon, Papaya, Mango or Guanabana (Soursop) – served in the Colombian-style: chopped into cubes with a tiny fork.


The fruit from the Caribbean is unlike anything you have tasted. If your walk goes into the afternoon, I suggest a quick stop for a fruit popsicle at La Paletteria– cooling and just yummy !


The many museums displaying details and artifacts from the colonial life, as well as the terrors of the Spanish Inquisition are a must if you are a first timer. When leaving the walled city ,you must visit is the 16thcentury fortress on the hill, called “Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas”-

Castillo San Felipe De Barajas

IMG_8427IMG_8428The biggest and most notorious fortress of the Caribbean. Once you are back to the walled city make sure to visit the very unique new shopping mall by the name of La Serrezuela, located on the site of the old bull fighting ring, and designed to recall that original purpose.

IMG_7751IMG_7739IMG_E7917The remodel blended modern store front stores with open spaces and reconstructed the old ring as a performance space on the roof, that now is used for events, gathering and other shows.


As you step outside, visit the 17thcentury colonial structure called “Las Bovedas”,IMG_7769 IMG_7991IMG_7831or the “old dungeons”, which were actually prison vaults. This structure contains 47 arches and 23 domes which were transformed by a group of locals into a row of local shops, filled with souvenirs and all sorts of goodies.


I love the local lunches in the old town, and I was thrilled that the place that was our family ‘go-to’ when I was a child was still open, with its third generation of owners creating magic from the same cookbook.  “La Casa de Socorro” serves on a first-come-first-serve basis with local warmth and attitude – and they serve the best local seafood casserole and plantains accompanied by perfect coconut rice.

IMG_7731IMG_7734IMG_7733Red Snapper with Calamari , Shrimp, Snail in Fish Broth accompanied with Yucca, Plantain. at La Casa de Socrro Resturant

I could live on the sea bass, deep fried plantains and a cold tamarind juice.  Oh, and the prices? Very reasonable – dinner for four with a menu of food was about $42 U.S. – plus you wil have had the experience of dining with the locals!


Mornings are warmest in Cartagena, and it actually starts to cool midafternoon.


Perfect to spend the afternoon on a catamaran and enjoy the contrast of the sparking white new city and colorful old city in the distance – and cruise into the extended sunset. Out of the many options with one of the best crews and hospitality had to be “Bona Vida

2F5963D7-2198-4AC5-83FE-7B7BF21C2CFDCartagena de Indias The New Citya tour line that departs from the deck in front of the convention center two hours before sunset, sails you out to the new bay “Boca Grande” and sweeps back to a memorable sunset over the historic downtown. As this is the ocean, I recommend to take Dramamine with you, or before!



Make sure you get out and walk on your way to dinner. You will get a sense of the locale, and if you are in the mood for a cocktail before dinner, then“Alquimico (Expermentos Sensoriales)”is the place. WHY?  For dinner, I recommend some spectacular local modern style at fabulous MARIA, in which the chef pairs a variety of tropical flavors with a nouvelle cuisine taste.

Maria Restaurant - Cartagena De IndiasMARIA Restaurante & Bar - Cartagena De IndiasIMG_8480

Foodies be aware, you might want to eat the entire menu, and the cuisine matches the environment, the service, the mixology and the curated music. A fish tartare with papaya and coconut will start your journey as an appetizer while you sip a cocktail made with local fresh juices, or try the octopus with shearling potatoes, black olives and sauce made of grape tomatoes presented semi-broth will make the main dish, to finish, grilled fresh pineapple sprinkled with a glaze of spicy tamarind and softly topped by a scoop of coconut ice cream will make you ask for a repeat!


Music and dance are part of the national heritage, so dance is a must when in Cartagena, and you will do so until the next morning if you are hanging with the locals. In reality, locals show they passion and love for life, and will literally dance anywhere, so be ready to welcome this joy and let yourself move. La Movidais the place to go and is very popular – but if you want real local style music, then Café Havanais the place. Be ready for amazing rum drinks and lots of salsa dance!


After such a busy day, head to the Beach Clubs across the bay in “Isla Baru” or stay a night at “Isla Del Sol”hotel. You will get all the goods of white sands and multicolor Caribbean!


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