So, as I mentioned to all of you, last week was the PREMIER Episode of OSCAR-TALKS-OSCAR-TALK!

I realized that I was longing to learn about what everyone is doing during these pandemic times, and how are we all adapting to the change. Yes! phone calls and web calls with many squares in the screen was perhaps a way to “get together’ with someone. But, having a one hour talk about all things, all things, all things about a particular person.

My first guest was Paula Nedded-Taylor, the new Chief Development Officer at Arizona Theatre Company, and boy, it was delightful! (the picture was something I stopped just to showcase drama and add more followers, but hey!, that is what eeeeeeveryone is looking for in media; shock


You can see/hear the entire show on my YOU TUBE channel here;

Thank you for tunning in!

Always in style,

Oscar ~

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