Every year the Hance Park Conservancy event committee creates a very unique occasion to celebrate the arrival of good weather in the city, and host a party/dinner in the middle of the Hance Park.

The main, and biggest park in Downtown Phoenix, and one that is cared for, by multiple organizations, under the big umbrella of the conservancy.

The Conservancy has as a mission to care for the park and bring life and engagement of all the areas around the park, but also the city. This is a point of pride, and this is a continued efforts. Raising funds that are needed to preserve the life, spirit of the park, give a hand to the city in maintaining the structure, and of course help the park to grow in the future.

The park has exciting plans in the future, and funds are needed to sustain the new proposed park upgrades, but also, to continue the effort of creating a green area for the entire city to use!

Well, NOCHE EN BLANCO event, celebrated every year, is modeled after the end of summer dinner al fresco that started in Paris, by the name of “Diner en Blanc”, that now has spread world wide.

I had to have with me the chairwoman of this year’s “hybrid” event!

Ms. Dorina Bustamante volunteered to keep the tradition of the event, and is moving fast and furious on creating an event where the community is able to see the multiethnic value of our city. The event, planned for October 24th, 2020 will be. representation of everything Downtown Phoenix and will have flavors, sounds and messages from everyone that knows the city at its core.

Of course, a group of selected committee members will be invited, including Randy Lucich and Alison Sipes!

So, the fun is about to start…And will include a 4 hours of a LIVE BROADCAST with the participation of Tyco Drummers, Irish dancers, Samba Dancers, and two bands playing live music. All done for locals and by the locals.

Did you know that you can host your own NOCHE EN BLANCO party at or house?

So, get ready for an afternoon of all things Phoenix, all things downtown. You can watch the LIVE BROADCAST here;


I will for sure be there, as I am one of the hosts with our Chairwoman, Ms. Dorina Bustamante.

See you then!

Always in Style,

~ Oscar

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