THE REAL MAVERICK – Artistic Director Sean Daniels

I have had the opportunity to sit with many of our most talented and legendary art makers in Arizona, and some in the country. But, when it comes to an add-on persona to the equation of being an artist,…Mr. Sean Daniels excels!

Actually, not only excels but gives anyone’s artistic mind the other dimension, the other component, the missing potion. The fact that. he is able to untangle an issue, a place in time, a moment in time, or a theme, and explained in a way that we all enjoy is quite the accomplishment. And one that a Theatre company like Arizona Theatre Company needed for quite sometime.

Full of experiences around the country in theatre and with a background on performance to fill more than 20 pages, I had the opportunity to talk to Sean Daniels about many subjects related to performance. With studies in FSU and post-studies and

Including the definition and Only 72 theaters on the nation. A top tier of League of Theatre (LORT) theatre includes our own Arizona Theater Company. Which means that the level of performances are attached to al the needs of the actors and team, plus the exchange of information and participation amongst the associated theatre make the level higher, and higher!

One of the moments of the show that I truly liked, was the announcement of an upcoming show that I have not seen, and this explanation of the subject matter of the musical by Sean, prompted me to ask….

– How come we do not have shows like this in Arizona?

Well, to my surprise. It is one of the shows that will be part of the upcoming season!,….and I cannot wait!

So, please Corona, go away!

Another story is this one with Pres. Jimmy Carter, and of course, Sean’s sweater. He thought that sweaters and theater were the perfect mix! You have to listen to the story!

I had to have with us Channel Bragg, so, I called Paula Nedder-Taylor and asked her to give me a hand and connect me with who is the new Associated Director AD at ATC. And, of course! the conversation took a higher pitch and it was so much fun!.

If you have not listed to the podcast Hang & Focus that Sean and Daniel are hosting, I truly urge you to tune-in, subscribe and listen to the stories and the guests. They are incredibly fun!

We spoke about what seems to be a “hybrid” season of incredible new productions, and how are we facing this time with much positivity and courage.

The show was a blast! and we could of talked about Mr. Maverick, so I want to call him on this post, for hours! – This picture of him and his wife Veronica, who is an actress as well, will give you a read of who they are in life. You ought to see the show, you have to!

We are an incredible diverse town and state, and are full of brilliant minds, incredible art making people, and like Sean,..mavericks that make it all happen!

Thank you Sean for a fun, informative, intellectual and overall mind bending Wednesday evening.

If you want to see the entire show, please click here, and I am telling you right now, this was so much fun!

Always in Style,

Oscar ~

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